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efficient operation, and this is their rationale for why they have so many fewer. obama has more than three times as many field offices in ohio. more than twice as many in places like virginia and florida, and they maintain that when you are asking people to come out and make phone calls and do canvass you can't expect them to drive for two hours in these really spread out places. i was struck by the -- the rnc could very well be right. they say they're making more voter contacts than in the past. all of these metrics, those volunteer metric that is they use, but i was struck by the fact that instead of trying to sort of compete with obama on this metric, they were trying to spin it. they're saying that we didn't even try to have all -- as many locations as he has. we are running a different type of operation. >> all right. we'll see if it pays off for either one of them. molly ball, thank you very much. good to have you on. >>> superstorm sandy came and went leaving a trail of flooded roads and damaged homes. one of the areas hit the hardest besides new york city is hoboken, new jersey. wa
obama speaks at a campaign rally in hilliard, ohio, one of several stops he made in the buckeye state. he will also stop in new hampshire, florida, wisconsin, and colorado. this is 40 minutes. >> hello, ohio. o-h. o-h. [applause] it's good to be back. can everybody give judy a big round of applause? judy is an example of the incredible volunteers involved in this campaign each and every day, knocking on doors and making phone calls. i love all of you and am grateful to all of you for all your great work. [applause] give it up for your former governor and our great friend ted strickland. [applause] poor ted has got a cold but he is backstage and he is still out campaigning. i love you back. [applause] you know -- [applause] i can tell it as a rowdy crowd. [applause] all right, all right, all right. [four more years] [four more years] >> thank you. for the past few days, all of us have been focused on one of the worst storms in our lifetimes. i just got off the phone with my emergency management team and got an update on what is happening in new jersey and new york and connecticut, west
] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> mitt romney canceled campaign events. paul ryan also canceled events and florida. -- in florida. to biden was in ohio earlier, about a week before the election. bill clinton was also they're talking about why he supports president obama for a second term. he then introduce the vice president terry had this is under an hour and a half. -- introduced the vice president. this is just under an hour and a half. >> thank you. hello, youngstown. >> it is great to be back in youngstown. i want to thank the mayor for welcoming me here. i want to thank the congressman for his remarks and service. former congressman john, i want to the thank you for being here. this was a day that the president and i had planned -- not working? can you turn it up? is that better? this is a day that the president and i had to travel from florida to ohio to virginia. the weather has other things in mind. the couple of days ago we canceled the virginia stop this we did not to imperil any lives. then we went to florida last night. he got up this morning in said i have to go back right now the storm is getting
are just so long right now for early voting in south florida. >> man, it's going to be something to watch. see what happens on tuesday. joe johns, thank you very much. we want to tell you that president obama's set to speak any moment in ohio. and we're back right after the break. everyone in the nicu, all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment. i wouldn't trade him for the world. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. prand you're seeing that rightno quit in amnow.a... over five million new jobs. exports up forty one percent. home values... rising. our auto industry... back. and our heroes are coming home. we're not there yet, but we've made real progress and the... last thing we should do is turn back now. here's my plan for the next four years: making education an
] >> president obama and chris christie from earlier today in brigantine, new jersey. the president will be in green bay, wisconsin, las vegas, nev., and in boulder, colorado. mitt romney had three stops in florida, the last of which will be coming up in an hour. he is joined by jeb bush. we will have that for you live followed with your phone calls the reaction on c-span. over the past week, we have been looking at the battleground states in the presidential election. this morning was the focus on new hampshire. we will tell you about that in a minute. coming up tomorrow, we will look at the impact of hurricane sandy and talk to the head of the independent insurance agents and look at virginia as a swing state with larry sabato and brian moran and the chairman of the virginia campaign. the swing state of virginia is the focus of "washington journal." this morning of the focus was on the state of new hampshire. >> we have been taking a look at those nine swing states that hold the keys to the election and today we put the spotlight on the state of new hampshire. the small state up t
win. we win florida, we win this election. stand with us. god bless you all, and may god protect our troops. thank you. ♪ ♪ >> please welcome obama for america field organizer, nathaniel lee. [applause] >> wasn't that great, everybody? let's give the vice president one more round of applause. [applause] you have all heard what is at stake here. you heard it from the vice president himself. what we need is to go vote today. there is no time to wait. we have buses waiting right at your as you exit. if you are a marion day voter, get on the bus and we will take you to the election center and will vote today and win florida and put them back into the white house. thank you. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i have watched shows when they are interviewing politicians and they're talking about what they do in congress, the legislation, their opinions. >> i recently watched the debates. i was still that worked and i knew it was on c-span. >> it usually draws down into the issues and is not antagonistic and hall style. it does not seem to have an ax to gri
heads off to florida. back to you, andrea. >> ron mott, thanks. and morning joe's joe scarborough and mika brzezinski are here with the look at moll ticks. and our weekend mo joe. >> thank you so much. >> president obama, he's made history by voting for the first time early voting. >> right. >> do you think that's going to play a big role seeing that very strategic photo-op of the president voting early? >> early voting, obviously, very important. mika and i were talking about this earlier. i mean the polls break in a big way on early voting for the president. >> yeah. the engagement there, so far, appears to be for the president. but there are no other polls that you look at, in terms of the direction of the country and the economy, that you see mitt romney closing in. you see this thing heating up and you get to a point where i'm not sure there's anyone who actually really knows, has a gut, has an absolute instinct as to what's going to happen. >> the tale of two campaigns, read dickens. it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. i could show you ten polls. you look at
to keep it -- to keep the gap there from narrowing. but two places that obama campaign didn't want to be north carolina, certainly a place for the romney campaign, doesn't want to be. they would love to not have to worry about florida. we saw basically a tie there. they'd love to not be worrying about virginia. they're worrying hard about virginia. >> and north carolina too. mike allen, a look at the playbook, one week until election day. mike, thanks so much. >>> and governor chris christie of new jersey joins us straight ahead. a very busy day ahead. >> he was out front and center all day, mixing it up with the atlantic city mayor. >> they're tight. >> we're going to get an update from governor christie just ahead on "morning joe." ♪ one on the left and one on the right ♪ ♪ can't tell them apart, try as you might ♪ ♪ but a wise man once said that the secret to life ♪ ♪ is to find one that don't look the same ♪ ♪ find one that don't look ♪ the same ♪ customer erin swenson bought so, i'm happy. today. sales go up... i'm happy. it went out today... i'm happy. w
to that the backdrop, of course, a presidential election just eight days away. president obama, governor romney forced to cancel some events and reschedule others. we just got word that the president has cancelled a planned event in florida this morning in order to get back to washington. they were worried air force one may not be able to land in deteriorating conditions. >> we've got correspondents all up and down the east coast. let's start with al roker in point pleasant beach, new jersey. al, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, i can tell you, matt, that these dunes that i'm on were built for a storm in 1992 that had washed into the town and caused massive damage. these dunes are in damage of breaching. high tide is starting to come up over the dunes. this is a massive storm, as you mentioned, and it will get more intense. it's now over the gulf stream that's running parallel to the east coast. that is extremely warm water. we've seen pressure drops. the pressure is now down to 941 millibars, and it may strengthen even more. we expect more strengthening. take a look at a path of, first of all
by a more substantial margin at this point. but mitt romney leading the president 50-49 in florida. that state very much tied. look at this poll, wolf, that came out over the weekend that gave some democrats some heartburn out there, from the state of minnesota, a poll showing president obama clinging to a three-point lead, 47-44. and then in north carolina, a little bit of heartburn for the republicans, a poll showing mitt romney and president obama tied up at 45-45. those polls demonstrate why both campaigns are playing it safe right now. they don't want to look too political when you have the mother of october surprises looming there off the coast and her name is sandy. >> yeah. what an october surprise. we have no idea how it's going to impact early voting, who it might help, who it won't help and what it might mean eight days from now. jim acosta, thank you. the national hurricane center is getting ready to issue an update on hurricane sandy in the next few minutes. stay with us for the latest on the storm's strength and where it's heading. dad vo: ok, time for bed, kiddo. lig
for our children and our grandchildren. let's help president obama packets bax's i move forward out of the white house -- pack his boxes and move forward out of the white house. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome from the state of florida, senator marco rubio. >> thank you. i love being in ohio. my refrigeratothis is just liken florida. my refrigerator may be in florida. [laughter] our next president and vice president will be mitt romney and paul ryan. there is a lot to say. we know what this election is about. what i love most about the presidential election is that it reminds us what is at stake. it reminds us how special and unique the american story has been. there has never been a place like this in all the history of the world. the drop in history of mankind, almost everyone has been poor and powerless. the same people kept winning and everyone else was under them until america. america change that because we believe that every single human being is born with certain rights that come from god and not from the government or the president. [cheers and applause] that is wha
kicking butt in early voting. according to an internal obama campaign document today that is exactly the case. here's what that document reveal reveals. in florida over a third of expected voters have already voted. as you can see early voters 50% voting for president obama. obama, 44% for mitt romney. election day that means mitt romney has to get 53% of the vote in florida if he's going to win. so that is a pretty hefty tag to run up. that's all according to the obama campaign. in iowa over a third of voters have already voted there. and among those early voters, you can see 64% of those are supporting barack obama. 35% of them are supporting mitt romney. and that means that mitt romney is going to need to win 59% of election-day voters. in north carolina, nearly half of all ballots have already been cast. and of those who have already been cast, 58% of those early voters favor the president. 41% of those favor mitt romney. so mitt romney is going to need to win 57% of north carolina on election day. we're seeing that pattern play out in the other swing states, too, like nevada, v
% to 39%. obama also enjoyed a wide advantage among virginia women. he leads 49 to 47. florida obama is just one point ahead of romney. >> uh-huh. >> stephanie: i heard debbie wasserman schultz say he is going to win florida. >> what about the koch brothers? >> stephanie: different guys. twenty-nine minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ la, la la, la, la, la ♪ the one time it's okay for you to miss my show is if that's the only time you can get to a polling place. make sure that voting is your highest priority on election day. besides, you can always dvr my show. you really cant' dvr the future of the country. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. so vote and vote smart. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> i can be a real serious bitch if i don't get what i want. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: yaw. it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it. >> this is news? >> stephanie: thirty-four minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. we have
war room plans. president obama as we mentioned cut campaigning in florida short to return to washington. mitt romney had this to say in iowa before scratching plans for an evening rally in ohio. >> romney: hopefully your thoughts and prayers are join with mine and people across the country as you think about those folks that are in harm's way. >> jennifer: and the romney campaign actually went ahead with that event because doors had already opened. joining with me analysis of how the campaigns are reacting to hurricane sandy, and here inside "the war room" is cheryl. thanks for joining us tonight. >> absolutely. >> jennifer: welcome back. let me start with cheryl. talk about the aura of presidential leadership in the midst of a crisis. obviously people are saying it is a presidential advantage. is it as simple as that? >> i don't think it is that simple. this is the october surprise that people are wondering when this comes. this is barack obama's katrina moment. for gorge bush hurricane katrina was a significant turning point in undermining his aura as yo
's underpants with us. >> it is abuse in person. good morning. president obama has stopped in at fema headquarters in d.c. this morning, this ahead of his trip to new jersey to check out storm damage with governor chris christie this afternoon. romney is in florida today but we know now he's going to hold his final campaign rally in manchester new hampshire. that's going to be monday night along with kid rock. he's being called a special guest and the campaign theme song artist. i guess they haven't stolen that one. i don't know what the theme song is. >> stephanie: they've been watching him all summer long. >> romney launched his campaign -- romney launched his campaign in new hampshire in june 2011. it is where he relaunched in april. it is also the home to the wolf borrow lakefront compound where they host the romney olympics. here is an interesting little note we got from "buzzfeed" reporting the campaign played some more games with yesterday's alleged storm relief benefit. according to the web site aides went to wa
accurate. obama up by one in florida. two in virginia. five in ohio. >> ooh! >> just in. >> i hope that holds. >> that's candy for everybody. it doesn't mean that we stop working. this is before people get to see his andrew shepherd moment of the last three days. >> stephanie: that's right. he is the president -- so take that. thank you. >> happy halloween. hi elvira. >> hi. that's a great treat. thank you. >> stephanie: make sure you keep your bathrobe closed when you answer the door tonight. >> that's a good point. i'm closing it now. >> stephanie: love you. >> love you guys, bye. >> you gave me a great idea with the romney poo bags i have. i'm going to -- you know, you could go around the neighborhood and if people have the sign in their yard, you could put them -- a burning bag of dog poo on the doormat and ring the bell and then they stomp it out. >> stomp on romney. >> stephanie: we've been doing what most people do on halloween, looking online at people who dress their pets up for halloween. are you
Search Results 750 to 768 of about 769 (some duplicates have been removed)